Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am a candidate in the CFA Program. Am I also a member of CFA Singapore?

No. The CFA Singapore membership process is separate from enrollment for the CFA Program and CFA Institute. When registering with CFA Institute, they include the option to register for the local society as well or approach the society directly.

2. How can I apply for CFA SIngapore membership?

Please click on the contact us link at the top of the page and ask for the forms.

3. I do not currently have 48 months of work experience. Can I still become a member of CFA Singapore?

Yes. If you do not have the necessary work experience for regular membership, you will be recommended for affiliate membership.

4. What is the difference between affiliate and regular membership?

The only difference in benefits between regular and affiliate membership is that only regular members are allowed to vote on CFA Singapore proxies. Regular membership includes the ability to use the CFA designation.

5. How long will the membership application process take?

Processing may take up to four weeks.

6. I don’t have a supervisor, or do not wish to ask my supervisor to sponsor me. Can I still apply for CFA Singapore membership?

Yes, you will need to provide sponsor statements from two regular members of CFA Singapore.

7. I don’t know any societies in my remote location. Can I still apply for CFA Singapore membership?

Yes. You may contact the office for assistance in registering with the society and can follow activities via the website and newsletter.

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